Purposefully Youthful

Show-Host Drive

Why Purpose-Radio?

Purpose-Radio is a special platform with a global outreach. We provide a channel for gifted and anointed people to send their messages to the ends of the earth. With our signature crowd-promotion system, each show host is able to reach the collective audience of others in the network. We do this because we believe that the body will never be complete without every member playing the part they are suited for. We believe in family and that is what we promote.


Why you?

You are unique! There's no one else like you. Whether you preach, teach or sell real estate, you can make a difference with what the Lord has gifted you to do. There is nothing more powerful and useful than doing just that. We are interested in hearing your proposal and are highly interested in radio broadcasts on dating and marriage, sports, prophetic worship, healthy relationships/relational wholeness, breaking off addictions, college, mental health issues, developing young ladies, developing gentlemen, spirituality in young children, purposeful and directional story-time for children, home management, just to name a few. You are God's message to a dying world. Purpose-Radio is your very own global platform to shout out your message to an eagerly waiting audience, regardless of your age. Be bold, be courageous and take the plunge today.


The Purpose-Radio Way

Clean and useful broadcasting with a purpose - that's the Purpose-Radio Way.